Style Spotlight: Summer Solstice


We can’t wait for summer!

The summer sun is just starting to peek through the clouds! Have you seen it? We asked the community what they’re excited to wear once the hot weather really kicks in and you did not disappoint! Behold, your amazing answers.


First up

Victoria-Rose Jurado, 24, is from the Bronx. She currently works as a personal assistant and actor. Follow her on Instagram (@victoriatherosee) and Countr for dreamy summer-infused snaps!


How would you describe your everyday style?

“I’m not sure if I have a specific everyday style. Some days I’m feeling a bit tomboy and I wanna wear my sneakers and with boy jeans and t-shirts, and other days I love to be all dressed up in a skirt and booties. I think that’s what I love the most about fashion. It’s the fact that I can be so versatile and it all depends on my mood that day. From my hair, to my shoes and even my glasses (I have 6 pairs it’s a problem!) every little aspect can change an outfit you may wear often.”


What are you looking forward to wearing this summer?

I’m looking forward to pulling out my skirts and overalls. Overalls are great because you can layer them with different shirts and you can either wear sneakers or sandals or oxfords and they still look great. Overall shorts, skirts and ripped jeans all work for the summer. Most importantly, I’m excited to play with color. Now that I’m knocking out that winter hibernation, I can’t wait to be vibrant and bold this summer!


Victoria’s summer recommendations:

Warby Parker for some cool specs! There’s always new styles coming out. As a glasses wearer, glasses can be crazy expensive, but they’re super affordable. I currently have 6 pairs and am still expanding lol.


Glossier the queen especially for minimal summer makeup and skin care. My current fave is the Cloud Paint and lip gloss.


Bershka is one of my fave places to shop at the moment.

Don’t shun Forever 21. It can be pretty overwhelming to look through, but if you’re patient, you can find some great pieces for an affordable price!

Bershka editorial shot via

Bershka editorial shot via



Anna-Frazier Sandlin currently lives in a small beach town in North Carolina while she finishes up her degree online from textiles school. She plans to move to Los Angeles next month to work as a freelance stylist assistant. Follow her on Instagram (@overdressedaf) and Countr.


Describe your sense of style:

To be honest, my everyday style is NEVER the same. Some days I wake up and I want to be classic so I put on a basic white tee, jeans and black boots/ sandals depending on weather. Other days I will just feel like wearing a mens oversized shirt and feather earrings just to run to CVS. So its entirely based on my mood! If I could describe the average of all the different looks ill put together in any given week it would be classic silhouettes with a twist.


What’re you looking forward to wearing this summer?

Summer is when my wardrobe comes alive again honestly, its just so full of color and happiness. Mainly I've been doing this with my nails, my latest obsession is making my nails either alternating colors or every nail a different color; it’s just an instant accessory. Also for some reason, the first thing that popped in my head is this brilliant pair of Beatrice Valenzuela slides that I am dying to have, they have all these fun colors and they just seem like the perfect thing to wear with an eyelet dress and some cats eye sunnies on a hot day!


How do these pieces represent your style?

Right now I think my summer wardrobe represents my zest for life at the moment. 2018 was a tough year for my mental health (I've dealt with severe anxiety and underlying depression for a while now) and I finally feel like I am myself again, so I think everything has been about color and living life without borders. The whole reason I have always wanted to work in fashion, went to school for fashion and am becoming a stylist, is because it has always been my best remedy for my tough times.


Why are you excited to try them out?

I am excited to try these out because of this representation, trying new trends is just so fun and explorative. So if you see me walking around this summer expect me as follows: Tortoise cat-eye sunnies, big white men’s oversized shirt, my new BV slides, bright ass nails, chunky silver hoops and a straw bucket bag to finish it off.



Zanah, 23, lives in Pasadena, Ca and works as a dental office receptionist. Follow her on Instagram (@princess_zanah) and Countr.


What are you looking forward to wearing this summer?

This summer I am looking forward to wearing a lot of dresses, open toe heels, one shoulder tops, tennis skirts, and oversized t- shirts (these are my faves).


Zanah’s Summer Recommendations

Stay hydrated, drink your water, and I would love to see more of Pretty Little Things & Misguided.


Sustainable style

Fatima is an entrepreneur and business owner of Esmé Scarves in New York ( She moved to NYC almost two years ago from Jakarta, Indonesia and has always worked in the fashion industry and got her start by interning for New York Fashion Week. She also enjoys painting, and finding a way to incorporate her art into designing printed scarves— a form of wearable art. She plans to grow her business into a sustainable brand by using only natural fabrics and believes that creating a sustainable and holistic fashion eco-system is the only way forward. Follow her on Instagram (@vetyahmad) and Countr.


What are you looking forward to wearing this summer?

Although I love the cold season, I’m excited to leave my coats and throw on a shirt with jeans or oversized, airy pants. I feel best when I wear a simple outfit with a clean timeless silhouette. More or less, I love minimalist pieces with cutting edge detail, best of both worlds! I’m currently obsessed with the color schemes of pale yellow, burnt orange and lime green; which I don’t normally like.


How do these pieces represent your style?

I’m excited to create pieces with color schemes that I haven’t yet experimented with. My closet consists of mostly neutrals and white colors. These new colors represent an exploration outside of my comfort zone.



Including chic shoes, shiny lipgloss and sweet as can be wicker bags! Fatima knows what’s in style!



What summer styles are you adding to your favorites list on the app? Send us a screenshot and let us know what you’re excited to wear once the days heat up! Check out other fun Countr reads below!

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