Mariah Garrido on Style Evolutions, Finding Inspiration and Shattering Expectations


Hi, I’m Mariah!

I currently call San Diego, CA home. We recently moved here after being in Honolulu, HI for about 2 years. While my husband and I were living in Hawaii I worked as an event coordinator and social media manager. I really dipped my toes into everything while we were there, from freelance wedding planning to graphic design I had the best time exploring my creative outlets.

Currently I am at a regular 9-5 (more like 6:30am-3pm) job, although this is definitely not what I want to do forever I try to learn something from every part of the journey. I find myself always doodling and master minding new ideas and designs for fun projects I have coming up this year!

Instagram: @mariahgarrido_


How did you get into blogging?

Blogging has always been important to me. I love sharing with people especially things that I am passionate about. I have officially "blogged" in a while, but I share everything I would usually write a blog post about on my social media platforms. Mostly Instagram or Countr!


Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration truly comes from everywhere. I'm constantly soaking up new experiences that inspire me and my style. I think my main points of influence are probably the places I have lived. I love the Hawaiian vibe and aesthetic. It’s natural, care free, and fresh. And of course being a SoCal girl I love anything and everything that has Spanish influence, homes/clothes/architecture. Being in the heart of San Diego and so close to Old Town I am overwhelmed and so in love with it all! I feel like my home is the place where both styles come together to really create a unique space.


What’s your shopping superpower?

I think my shopping super power is finding ALLLL the deals lol! And probably being able to visualize an outfit without having to try it on..less fitting room time = more time to find hidden gems *heart eyes*


How has your style evolved over the years?

oh geez, SO MUCH. I went from wearing pretty much all black/dark colors all the time to slowly experimenting with color. I was always weary of color because I felt like it made me stick out, but I am finally  at the point where I just want to wear what I want and if I stick out...good! lol!


What is one item you always rebuy and why?

BASIC TEES! Target has my favorite basic tees at the moment, they fit sooo good. And a lot of the time they're on sale holllaaa!

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 2.38.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 3.18.06 PM.png

If you had to choose only one product to use for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Ooooo yes!! Easy! I would use Shea Moisture Bamboo Charcoal Scalp Scrub. No product has ever left me feeling so refreshed and flake free! I swear by it!

African Black Soap Bamboo Charcoal
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What is the last item you purchased?

The last item I bought is this cute quartz stone form TJ Maxx, I love incorporating stones throughout my home it brings such a cool boho element into the decor.

2lb Quartz Crystal Point Cut Base
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What’s your number one tip when styling outfits?

Be creative and reach for things you haven't worn in a while! Mix metals when you're picking out accessories, shake it up with new patterns, rip up your jeans, shatter the rules!!


What’s next on your shopping list?

OMG I wish I could choose just one item, so I'll just give you a sneak peak at an outfit I've been dying to put together. I've really been wanting to get my hands on a button down linen dress ugh so cute and perfect for spring! But it's definitely not complete without the accessories!


What is your unicorn item?

My unicorn item has to be any of my statement earrings. Whenever I am feeling extra sassy or want to elevate a look I throw on a pair of earrings and rake in the compliments all day long (;


Do you have a go-to outfit? If so, how do you think it represents you?

My go-to outfit is probably tired of being my go-to and it probably needs a break lol. I realized that I wore the same outfit 3 Saturdays in  row and I’m like damnit I cant take any new pictures because I'm such an outfit repeater hahaha! But I absolutely love my striped linen beach pants paired with my coral button down crop top with my distressed jean jacket. Its the perfect California outfit, it's relaxed with a little sass just like me (;


What is your favorite item you own?

My all time favorite item I own has to be my leather Moroccan Pouf! It adds so much character to any room, it's by far the center of attention every time we have people over.


What do you do to unwind?

This is probably my favorite question. Definitely a hot shower, I have these essential oil fix tabs that I think are from Ulta I'm not too sure (they were a stocking stuffer), basically the tab makes the shower smell AMAZING and makes you feel like you're at a spa. Then after my shower I will give myself a pedicure while wearing some kind of face mask, oh and you cant forget the silky robe. Everyone needs a silky robe for self-care lol I’m serious it's not the same without it.


Who is your N.1 blogger/influencer you’d like to see on Countr?

Geo Antoinette Kwan @geo_antoinette on instagram . She's always sharing her outfits on instagram and she always mentions how she always has people in her inbox asking about where she buys stuff. I feel like Countr would be super helpful for her!

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 1.59.00 PM.png

Penny for your thoughts?

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