BFF Double Feature: Carol and Audrey

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Carol and Audrey met in grade school and despite living in different cities, have maintained a strong (and stylish) friendship over the years. You can tell these two know each other well, as is evident in their interview below. We spoke to the fashionable pair about their similarities, differences, and shopping philosophies.


Their own style:


Carol, 28, lives in Atlanta, GA and works as a Wardrobe + Prop Stylist.

For so long it was hard to pinpoint my style, but I think I have it figured out. I am attracted to functional, well designed pieces and I often mix them with a trendy or more edgy item. I am a stylist so I'm CONSTANTLY finding inspiration through my work. I'll shop for a shoot and often will end up keeping an outfit or item because I love how it looks on set. My one rule is that whatever I'm wearing has to be comfortable but not in a sloppy way. Also, shoe choice is something I really pay attention to and I WILL build an outfit around my footwear haha.

You can find her on Instagram here:  @caroljensky .

You can find her on Instagram here: @caroljensky.

You can find her on Instagram here: @ audreyalatimer .

You can find her on Instagram here: @audreyalatimer.


Audrey, 27, lives in Chicago and works as a beauty editor.

I wear a lot of basics and elevated neutrals. I have a bit of a capsule wardrobe mindset when it comes to shopping and putting outfits together.

My go-to pieces are jeans, t-shirts, shirt dresses and classic Keds. They're easy to throw on and I know they'll never go out of style. I'm super laid back and these pieces are too.


On each other’s style:

Carol: Audrey's style is definitely classic, timeless, and casual. Her wardrobe is very curated and is more along the lines of a capsule type collection. She also stays within a color pallet to make mixing + matching easy (navy, white, black, grey).

Audrey: I would steal everything from her closet. She's got this awesome artsy/boho glamour vibe when putting outfits together.



Carol: We've been friends for so long that I think our style kinda grew together also. She's my bff through everything, so it only makes sense I would choose her to be my style bff also.

Audrey: She's my style BFF because she is completely herself when she puts an outfit together. She wears what makes her happy and is always confident. She takes risks and always looks amazing.



Carol: Our styles differ in that I tend to lean towards more edgy and trendy and she leans more towards classic and feminine. I also tend to focus my looks around footwear and will keep things neutral in order to let a great shoe steal the show. Our styles are the same because we both appreciate the sleek sophistication of a t-shirt and jeans-sometimes less is more.

Audrey: We both live in jeans and t-shirts. She plays up her outfits with more color and patterns while I stick to more basics and a classic style.



Carol: A casual button-up and dark skinny jeans with white Keds. This outfit is totally sophisticated, and is great for any occasion. I think it shows her personality perfectly-mature yet relaxed and approachable.

Audrey: She is always in jeans, a T-shirt and a killer jacket. She really appreciates the art of fashion and usually has one piece that really lends a wow factor and shows off the art of design.



Carol: She does the basics so well and I'm always inspired to circle back to that.

Audrey: She inspires me to experiment with colors, textures and take more fashion risks.



Carol: I think when it comes down to it our philosophies overlap. We are both thoughtful consumers and will not, for example, purchase 10 white t-shirts just because we love them. We have to be filling a void or a need within our wardrobes. With that being said, I think I have always been a little more in-the-moment with my purchases haha! When I get REALLY excited about an item my self-control is not good. I'm constantly pulling clothing for work which causes me to be exposed to fashion pretty much 24/7. It has made me a more picky shopper, though. I really have to like something to buy it. Audrey has always been someone to do her research with what she's into each season or what she will be purchasing. She considers long-term a little more than I do.

Audrey: We both believe in investing in good-quality pieces that you love and know you'll wear forever.


what they’d recommend for each other:

Carol: Hmm...I might recommend more shoe variety (love you , girl!) I would be so stoked to see her in something more edgy.

Audrey: She loves having fun with accessories and I'm obsessed with these little hair clips from Anthropologie. They remind me of when we were in middle school :)

Speckled Mini Hair Clip Set


who they are as ICONIC TV SHOW BFFS:


Audrey: I would say Carrie Bradshaw and Charlotte York. Carrie, like Carol Rose, likes to take risks and express herself through clothes. Charlotte has a style she likes and sticks with it, like me, she doesn't branch out too much.

Carol: I'm going to refer you to whatever Audrey's answer is on this one! She is sooo much more in tune with pop culture and movies haha.


WHY THEY LOVE COUNTR and who they want to see on it!

Carol: Countr really caters to those of us who are passionate about style. It reminds me of Instagram but I enjoy it more because I can actually get direct links to items and shop outfits. I love how it combines multiple steps into one! Inspiration, information, and shopping..its awesome. I would love to see Chriselle Lim on here, I find her style to be so breezy and beautiful. She also keeps it real with her lifestyle tips.

Audrey: I love the community aspect of Countr. Having a strong fashion tribe always helps you feel confident in your outfit choices. I would love to see Fashion Jackson!



Who is your style soulmate?

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