BFF Double Feature: Rebecca and Mekah



Rebecca and Mekah met in second grade and immediately clicked and friendship that’s lasted this long means they’ve been through it all! Both are inspired by bold patterns and thinking outside the box, and admire each other’s choices. We put these bffs to a style test and asked them about each other!


Rebecca Harripersaud is 22,lives in florida and is currently a Vet Tech. You can follow her on instagram: @Beccabear226 (Pictured LEFT)

“We can spend hours talking about our latest fashion finds and interests and she is the best shopping buddy. Mekah has a very unique and true to herself look that I’ve always admired.”


Mekah McMains is 21 year old student currently working in retail. She also resides in Florida and you can follower her on Instagram:@mekahmnms (PICTURED RIGHT)

“Becca is the sassiest girl ever in an inconspicuously cute package. She’s smart and driven and her style is soooo quirky and unique! She’s both my bestie and my style inspo, she’s my go to for fashion advice and otherwise…..We started playing dress up then and we’ve been doing it ever since!”


their own style:

Becca: “I would describe my fashion sense as very bold and out there. I’m not afraid to play around with colors and shapes. I just always try to think to myself “what’s the most unique way I could style this outfit” and go from there.” later going on to say, “Style has always been such a huge part of my life and it’s fun to watch it grow and shape who I am. I am hoping to make a career out of it and I love knowing I have fashionable friends with my every step.”

Mekah: “I’m really inspired by old Hollywood glam, mod and Japanese street style. But I believe style is the ability to make anything your own so I often venture outside of those themes. I don’t really have a concrete aesthetic I like to dabble in everything!


About each others style game:

Becca: Mekah’s style is very fashion-forward. She has a knack of knowing a trend before it’s big and mixes a retro look with slim-fitted and sophisticated.

Mekah: Becca’s style is hard to describe I would say quirky and eclectic! She always pushes the envelope by layering and mixing patterns.


Describe a quintessential outfit the other would wear:

Becca: A quintessential outfit for Mekah is a hot colored pair of biker shorts, a black vinyl fanny pack, and a fun patterned blouse. This showcases her style through the mix of trendy pieces with a unique touch only she can add.

Mekah: I think a quintessential outfit of hers is shorts with a blouse, blazer/vest and a platform. I think it just showcases her ability to layer and combine various patterns!


Their style differences:

Becca: I would say that I have a more classic and sweet style while Mekah can be a little edgier. At the end of the day though, we come together with our love of thinking outside the box and mixing prints and patterns galore.

Mekah: I think our styles are different because she likes to combine different patterns and I prefer to stick to a singular color palette. I do think are styles are similar in that we both like to wear things that are vintage and cutesy. We both like to be really “girly” but I think seeing our different iterations of what that means to us is really cool!


Inspiring each other’s choices:

Becca: I have always felt very inspired when I see whatever thoughtful piece Mekah has put together. She constantly gives me new ideas or a fresh outlook when I’m not feeling too creative.

Mekah: Oh most definitely her style isn’t something I would adopt fully but I love how she mixes patterns because it encourages me not to always have to be chained down to a matchy-matchy mentality.


WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE MORE OF (what a coincidence!)

Becca: I would recommend adding more pops of color to Mekah’s wardrobe. Her feed is full of neutrals and brown tones which is very aesthetically pleasing, yet I think one should switch it up and add some hues to their life.

Mekah: I would probably recommend some more neutral pieces.


RECS FOR Each other:

Becca: Some recommendations I have that Mekah would love are the wave of clear PVC purses and shoes. There are a fabulous pair of clear mules from Target I know she’d die for.


Mekah: I don’t really have any recommendations per se, if anything I think maybe she should splurge on some really nice Miu Miu sunglasses!

Miu Miu
shop now

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 5.01.36 PM.png

What is your favorite part of Countr?

Becca: My favorite part about Countr is the fact that I’m being introduced to all of these fashionistas out there who share the same interest. It is such a positive community that encourages cheering each other on and it represents what the fashion industry should be like. I would love to see a style icon such as Tezza on Countr because her style is so radiantly unique.

Mekah: My favorite part about Countr is that you get to see various different styles instead of all the same mainstream styles. Two bloggers I would want to see on Countr are @beautyspock and @gorillaagirll.



We love Becca and Mekha’s friendship! Do you have a style BFF? Send them this story and see what they say about your style game! Read more Countr features below— it’s a guaranteed good time.