Sustainable Solutions from a Zero Waste Store We Love

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sustainability is for everyone.

Interested in sustainable options but not sure where to look? This month, we’re revamping our routines and that includes eliminating unnecessary waste. How are you helping?

Image via Refinery29, illustrated by Elliot Salazar.


March is all about shaking off the haze of winter and starting anew— just like the flower beds that have been waiting to bloom. It’s time for a spring refresh, and first up we’re pointing the spotlight at sustainability.  



Sustainability, by definition is, “Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.” We’re using up our resources at an alarming rate and sustainability is all about meeting the need of now without compromising the future— aka implementing ways to reduce waste.

Riyah Taylor, a big sustainability advocate, grew up in Hawaii where reusable options were part of her everyday life. She says her time in Germany made eco-friendly options more of a habit instead of a hassle, “Sustainability to me is using the resources we already have and getting creative in finding ways to improve our way of life without damaging the environment.” @riyahtaylor on Instagram.



Switching to sustainable options requires less work than you’d imagine. It doesn’t have to be an upheaval, but can exist in small changes. “Start with easy wins like reusable shopping bags or kindly rejecting plastic straws when you're at a restaurant. It's not about being perfect or changing overnight, it's more about finding where you can contribute and creating a system that'll stick with you.” Taylor says.



Image of Singer via .

Image of Singer via

If you take a second a look, there’s an abundance of eco-friendly options with more popping up all the time. For instance, the Package Free Shop provides a verifiable mecca of options. Lauren Singer founded the store in 2017 as an offshoot of her Zero Waste-centric blog, Trash is for Tossers.

“By promoting sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics we encourage people to be considerate about the choices they make! This includes careful buying choices, products at varying price points, and encouraging people to reuse!” Joy Morgan, Director of Customer Experience at The Package Free Shop said about making sustainability accessible to everyone.



You can get whatever you’d like but we love the following items from the Package Free Shop. Everything is available online or at their Brooklyn location.


Stainless steel straw: Opting out of a plastic straw at a restaurant is a small but meaningful change. A rose gold metal straw is a fantastic replacement and looks so chic!

$4.50, buy now

Organic cotton facial rounds: Instead of buying throwaways in bulk, consider implementing reusable cotton rounds instead. They’re soft as heck, easy to wash and last forever.

$20, buy NOW

At the moment, I’m loving my reusable cotton rounds! They’re made from bamboo and those alone prevent me from throwing tons of cotton rounds in landfill and saves money in the long run because I don’t have to repurchase as I won’t run out. You put them in the wash as you would anything else, dry, and reuse.
— Taylor on her favorite eco-friendly item.

Morgan suggests the Bamboo Tooth Brush, “…because everyone should brush their teeth... and the world has enough plastic- use bamboo instead!”

$4.99, buy now

Vegan lip balm: Have you looked into the ingredients behind your beauty products? It might shock you. A vegan lip balm is harm free and so cute!

$14, buy now


String bag: These bags are adorable and do the most to hold your essential items. Bring it to a grocery store, the farmers market, or a park day! The options are endless.

$20, buy now

Glass and cork reusable beverage cup: Instead of collecting million plastic water bottles (We’re looking at your nightstand as you read this), keep a reusable one handy and you’ll thank me later.

$28, Buy now

Image via  Riyah Taylor .

Image via Riyah Taylor.


iReusable Silicone Snack Bag- Taylor suggests the stasher bags, saying, “They are made of platinum food-grade silicone, you can throw them in the dishwasher, microwave, and oven. Great alternative to single-use plastic bags. I use these for everything including makeup and dog treats! “

$10, buy now



This spring, we’re refining our routines and focusing on sharing stories that help us, heal us and harness our potential. In contributing to the bigger picture, from guest edits to roundups, we’re all about hitting reset. How are you planning to refresh your life this spring? Share your favorite tricks and sustainable buys below! Don’t forget to read more about our Countr Crushes and Artist Spotlights as well.