#CountrCrush Olivia DeToma Does It All

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Hi, i’m olivia!

I’m a Director/Producer/Content Creator. Currently I’m based outside Boston, and work mostly in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, but will soon be relocating to Los Angeles! My day job is freelance work in Commercial and Film/TV Production, and while Directing/Producing is my main hustle, I perform a lot of different jobs on set and in the production office. I am what they call call young and scrappy. Associate Producing, Art Department, Production Assistant, Office PA, Talent Assistant, Skincare Rep, Model, you name it, I’m down to do it and probably have at least once. I’m still in the process of learning a lot about myself right now and that’s been fun. (@___odt)

I am a photographer as well, and I’m a brand rep/content creator for Glossier, Mejuri, and Red Earth Beauty!

I also spend a lot of time as a singer in Delko (@delkojams on Instagram), we’re an indie-rock band based out of Providence, RI. We’re about to release our first album.


How did you get into blogging?

It’s funny, I wasn’t even really considering myself a “blogger,” but I guess in a way that’s what I do! I think I fell into what I was describing as “blogger activity” just from being on Instagram, connecting with people, and experimenting with different styles of content to see what was the most fun for me. That just turned into me talking about what I wanted, having kept the things that were fun and left the things that weren’t. (Food posts? Not for me. I’ll just eat it, thank you.)

Eventually I started to hone in on what I was naturally inclined to share and talk about. That changes all the time, but I realized that that’s the whole point of blogging in the first place. To have a way to share pieces of myself intentionally, because it’s a way to connect visually and emotionally with people. As a director (or any role in my field, really) I’m always crafting vision, and Instagram/blogging became a way to turn that exercise inward.


What is the last item you purchased?

Definitely these sneakers by Linea Paolo, I’m quite enamored with them. A forever love in the category of space sneaks.

Linea Paolo
Ryker Sneaker
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What’s your shopping superpower?

Definitely my ability to go it alone. Most people say to me “Oh, I hate shopping alone, I can never decide on anything!” I think people envy my ability to make choices completely solo, rather than consulting a hive mind. (Nothing wrong with that, of course! Teamwork can be highly necessary at times.) I’m very efficient at making decisions independently.


What’s next on your shopping list?

I’m totally saving for one of these feather cuff tops by Rezek Studio. They’re reversible and perfect for any time you’re feelin’ a Disco-thing, which is 100% my vibe.

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How has your style evolved over the years?

I used to desperately try and cram myself into styles and trends that didn’t fit me, quite literally. I have long arms, a long torso, and regular-length legs! Gotta tailor to that. In the past I didn’t allow myself to wear things that flattered my natural shape. I was afraid of it, and put myself in things to hide and cover my body rather than celebrate it. There is a difference between “draping” fun fabrics and layers, and hiding underneath them.  Over time, I’ve tried to focus more on purchasing pieces that really do something for me. Things that I love because they make me feel a certain way, or bring attention to a part of my I’m feeling confident about in that moment. No more buying just because it looks nice on the hanger! I’d never wear it.

This change alone has evolved my style, since it’s helped me be less trendy and more choosy. I used to buy a lot of black, a lot of baggy things, and strayed from color. Now I may pick something trendy, but it’ll have one thing that’s a little off about it, something I like that made someone else put it back. No longer do I fear being the brightest colored person in the room!


Do you have a go-to outfit?
If so, how do you think it represents you?

It’s fun for me start with something very neutral and vintage in feel, and to add one element that makes it really flirty, or intimidating, even confusing just for the fun of it. Utilitarian pieces with loose sheer blouses, hard lines under layers of fabric. Punchy shoes. Big hair. Anything that can be taken by the wind! Style as character is big for me, so this spring I’m working on adapting my looks to what version of myself I feel like that day. I wear my personality out on top always, and my style tends to either reflect my mood or contradict it. I’m just a grown woman who likes to play dress up whenever I can, because literally no one is stopping me from wearing what I want.


Where does your inspiration come from?

It definitely comes from from good visual storytellers. Directors and creatives with an eye for composition, people who take time to craft their work with purpose in every corner. Films with an edge and a tight visual tagline, and auteurs. Consistency is a gorgeous trait for work to have, and I’m really inspired by people who are able to maintain it while they grow and change.

I’m also really into how fashion ads and campaigns are taking shape. The new photographers, directors, and talent popping up recently are showing us that club that’s forming, and I’m into it. It’s all very cool. Fashion feels very tangible, in a way that it didn’t before, and I think a lot of that is accredited to social media and influencers. So Instagram is huge for me as well.


Do you have any spring cleaning plans or tips? How are you changing your routine and style for spring?

If I can’t style at least three outfits with something, I get rid of it. This makes it hard, since I have a knack for creating varieties of outlandish outfits as an excuse to keep something, so  the next questions I ask myself is: “Can you even remember the last time you wore this in public?” If I can’t remember, it’s gone. If I’ve never worn it?! That’s heinous but it’s gone. If there’s one thing about a piece that’s always bothered me, or I “just put up with it ’til now” it’s gone. I’m likely not wearing it anyway. No settling in 2019 (or ever again).

This spring will be about integrating a full spectrum of neutral, earthy colors into my wardrobe, as well as more feminine silhouettes and dresses. 2018 was a big pants year for me so I’m trying to break away from that.

I am still smitten by menswear-inspired looks with flashes of extra fabric, good high waistlines and belts, and tailored shoulders, which I’m still seeing in a lot of Fashion Weeks all over. (I cringe to use “menswear” because I really think the gender split is useless and will slowly be fazed out, but I digress.)

I think I’ll also be playing with my makeup more this year! I used to be bigger into experimenting with makeup than style, but since I’ve switched my focus over the past couple of years I’m antsy for a new challenge. This spring, I’m ready to get adventurous with makeup again, in ways that give more neutral toned outfits an editorial pop. I like the “makeup-less makeup look,” but I am going to be playing with eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and lip color much more.

Routine-wise, I’m working on waking up and starting my day with more intention. I’m freelancing again (after a year working a Temp job), so I’ll be pulling myself out of the 8-5 funk and re-teaching myself to function on my own terms. Mornings are hard for me, but I have to go put my money where my mouth is and work for what I want.


Any trends or products you're looking forward to trying?

Shameless plug, but Glossier Play just launched and I already ordered my Playground set. There are punchy colors and fun textures galore, and I can’t wait to dial up the attitude in my going-out/shoot makeup. You can shop through my rep link for 10% off your first purchase! (*click “SHOP WITH ME” and you’re in!)

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If you had to choose only one product to use for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Truly one? From one category? You guys are tough! If them’s the rules, I have to go with Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream. I’m actually still on the first jar of it I ever purchased, which was very recently, but it quickly earned a place in my heart with its inane ability to make me look like a functionally well-rested member of society. Dark circles PLAGUE me, and this has really been a life-changing product for me. It illuminates and distracts like actual magic, but doesn’t look like makeup or tint. I’d be willing to resort to dabbing fruit paste and charcoal on my face like our great great great aunties before us for that no-makeup-makeup look of yore, but Banana Bright I can’t do without. Mr. Henriksen has truly outdone himself.

olehenriksen banana
Bright Eye Crème
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Who is your N.1 blogger/influencer you’d like to see on Countr sharing tips & lists? Why would you recommend them?

Justine Goode! (@social_justine) She is a classic. Truly a timeless beauty, with excellent taste in all things. She is the most well-rounded person I know (we’re friends IRL!) and you can ask her for lists and tips on anything. Podcasts? She’s got you. Refined skincare favorites? She has those too and they smell lovely. Casual Parisian chic outfits? It’s her norm. Plus her feed is wonderful and each post she makes on IG is refreshing, authentic, and pretty much always in-real-time. I think she’d do a great great things with Countr!



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