Anxiety Coach Palak Vani's Preventative Self-Care Tips


Vani decided to pursue her own path as an anxiety coach and released a book to help others.

Here she shares tips on managing stress and making self-care a daily ritual in your everyday life. From candle recs to self-care advice, read on see what we learned.


Palak Vani is an anxiety coach who works with individuals, groups, workshops, and corporate workshops. She also works in public speaking, panels, and anything in the mental health realm.

Vani also published a book, called VLNRBL, where she discusses intrusive thoughts induced by anxiety and feelings of negativity. She decided to de-stigmatize these bombarding thoughts by sharing some of her own, and she wrote the book to help others feel less alone.

“Many individuals who have anxiety often feel like they’re alone in their exaggerated thoughts and so what I did is I wrote an entire book of, over a hundred of my intrusive thoughts that I’ve had before, because I had pretty bad anxiety at one point. I basically wrote an entire book of all my anxious thoughts to help destigmatize and help people feel less alone.” she says.


SELF CARE advice

Vani says a lot of self care tends to be intervening, when the person is at their breaking point and burnt out. She recommends making self care a part of your lifestyle, also known as preventative self care. She likens it to taking your daily vitamins to prevent health issues— you practice self care to prevent stress issues. Vani recommends practicing self care 3-5 times a week, for 10 to 15 minutes each time.

“The whole idea is you’re doing something that you enjoy so you should never be making an excuse to practice self care because self care should be something that you enjoy doing.” she says.

If you’re getting a feeling about something that’s like ‘I can’t wait for it to be over’ then it’s probably not self-care. You know in your deep gut, you know what you enjoy and if it’s “different” or not something that other people are doing, who cares? If this brings you positive feelings, it brings you positive feelings and you just want to be confident about that.
— Vani on owning what works for you.


Vani says a big question she get is, “What should I do to practice self -care?” Well, the answer is pretty simple. Just look to yourself and what you enjoy most. “There’s no right or wrong for self-care, it’s really relative to each person,” she says.

It comes down to what works for you. Vani is quick to point out that it might take a few weeks of trials and error to figure it out, saying you’ll know what brings you that positive feeling. Just like any habit we form, it comes with patience and Vani says it’s important to let it happen over time.

“I’ve met people that actually enjoy ironing as self care, it really just depends on the person, so try not to compare your self care to someone else, and I say this because I know that all over the internet people are talking about self care and bubble baths and this and that, if you’re not a bubble bath person, don’t do the bubble bath.”



Vani starts and ends her day with self care, starting each morning slowly with a cup of coffee and alone time. She ends each night with a hot mug of tea, because that’s what works best for her. She sites winding down time as a chance to read or watch a tv show, while spending time with a significant other is also an option, she also lights a candle because aroma has a big impact on her mood.

These are the kinds of activities we can do when we think of self-care. It doesn’t have to be a big ordeal, little things like taking it slow in the mornings can make the biggest change to your overall day. “I kind of just start my day slowly and I don’t just immediately get into the hustle and go go go.” She says

She likens self care to a gas tank, you want to be at least 50 to 75 percent full, ideally 75 to 100 but she understands that can be tough, saying you want to keep your tank pretty full at the very least. Her tip involves practicing self care on a good day so you’re just replenishing that tank even more. If you’re only intervening then you’re just emptying your tank until you’re getting that signal on your dashboard that says go fill your gas and that’s when you get panicky.” Vani says it's like filling the gas in your car when you already have 90 % full, you’re just doing a little extra.



The work environment can be extremely daunting and stressful. Vani recommends taking a break every 60 to 90 minutes. Get up, walk around, get a glass of water, she suggests, saying that trying too hard to focus only leads to frustration.

“I know everyone has a different opinion on this, but in my opinion, I think breaks actually increase productivity and focus. Any time you stare at something for way too long, you can get frustrated and then once you’re frustrated, your productivity and your focus can decrease. “ she says.


Her recommendations

Comfort, comfort, and more comfort should be our main concern. Vani says comfort is key. It’s really important to her that she feels ready for the day, and knowing what that means to you is essential. If you like your outfit, feel like you look cute, it plays into your mood, she says.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 9.47.45 PM.png

“Wearing something that’s comfortable, that I feel confident in, is so important; that usually revolves around jeans, a simple top, or sneakers or boots.” she says, and also mentions that it’s important in combating daily stressors.

Vani is also a big fan of candles, particularly the Bergamot one from Madewell and says aroma can play a big part in your self-care routine. She sites her nightly self-care as indulging in a cup of tea and recommends a flower infused tea. Though she knows that’s what works for her, she’s adamant about it being an individual process.



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How do you practice self-care? Vani offers really amazing tips and tricks— how will you put them to use? Let us know! Read our Countr favorites and personal interviews below!