Janelle Silver: Creating Art That Empowers and Relieves Suffering


the future is bright:

Colorful designs and playful sayings run amok on Janelle Silver’s Instagram. Take a look at her work and you’ll find a unique, sometimes satirically-tinged, but overtly positive compilation of work. Her creations help alleviate viewers anxieties and facilitate much-needed conversations around vulnerability, compassion and accepting of one another.

An artist from Australind, Western Australia, you can find her on Instagram via @janellesilver.


I’ve been drawing and creating since I was a little girl. I started as a way of expressing myself and working through my feelings. To start with, my account was a standard personal account that consisted of what I was having for dinner, holiday snaps and photos of my daughter. But when I opened up to my purpose and started trying to connect to myself and others through art, it began evolving into the account it is today. It’s still deeply personal but is more of a shared space which I really love.


what she hopes to convey:

So many things but the main themes I’m always working to convey are authenticity, love, understanding, compassion, acceptance and care. For me, art has always been vital in relieving suffering! It’s helping me build a loving, more accepting, gentle and forgiving relationship with myself, it’s helping me work through my trauma, it’s helped me help myself through terrible experiences with mental illness, it’s helped me take the weight of the world off my shoulders and allowed me to embrace being messy and imperfect and find the good in life no matter what I’m going through. So I’m always hoping it empowers people and gives them permission to do the same by reminding them it’s okay and they’re not alone.


advice to aspiring creators and amplifying women’s voices in art:

Go for it! We all have our own unique experiences/ perspectives/voices/style/magic to share with the world and yours are as valid and needed as any other. I feel like society has created a really competitive based culture, especially for women, and life can be hard and heavy enough as it is without buying into and supporting that. I think we should all be lifting each other up as often as we can, the ripple effect is real!



I think my favourite is and always will be my Interactive Intro to self-care zine. It was the first thing I created for my Heart and Hands store, the thing that helped me realise I have something to offer the world and that I’m capable of offering it! (Authors note: the Interactive Intro to Self-Care Zine is sold out on Etsy but various project will become available later at the Heart and Hands Store.)

I hope to inspire them to love themselves for the incredible beings they are, to remind them they have so much control over their own lives and the way they experience them and to embrace being their messy, magical selves.
— Janelle, on inspiring her viewers.

the best and worst part of sharing art through instagram:

I love that I can instantly be connected with people all around the world! I love the sense of community that’s created and seeing art transcend things like language barriers. The worst part to me is having Instagram work so hard to control our experience.



I get a ton of inspiration from the people who follow me and support my work, I’m always thinking of them when I create new stuff. On Instagram I get inspired most by the explore art page, seeing big collections of people creating in different mediums, using different techniques and at different stages of the process is my absolute favorite!


Penny for your thoughts

As this month and our theme of ‘starting conversations’ comes to a close, we’re now wondering, what are you doing to continue speaking about these essential matters? Do you connect through art like Silver’s does? Let us know and make sure to read all about the other conversation-starters we’ve covered this February.

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