Dismantling Taboos: Brands That Are Redefining & Revolutionizing

How They’re creating an upheaval in today’s society.

From Glossier to Megababe, these brands are tackling tricky subjects with ease and normalizing them in everyday conversation. Make sure to click through the pictures to see what products we’re loving.


It’s a reckoning of sorts. What was once considered standard fare in terms of gender is slowly being dismantled, like access to one-stop-shop healthcare products, or companies that are disrupting rules attributed to women’s body hair: it’s all happening now. We wanted to know what you thought about these preconceived taboos, and how companies are successfully tearing them down, so we asked and this is what you said.


What are they and where are we finding them?

Brands like Hers, Nécessaire, Kai and more (Found mainly through Instagram, according to interviewees!) are spreading a message of acceptance, breaking apart taboos about our bodies and our health and our own sense of self. Things that, at times, have been restricted to hushed conversations and shamed as being unusual. At the forefront is the idea that in order to create change, we must speak up and intentionally act against what is wrong about the previous messages we’re so used to receiving.

With Instagram and social media, these brands have a chance to create their image. They present themselves as approachable and they know that what they’re doing might be considered taboo, but they’re showing people that it shouldn’t be. Tons of people use these brands and aren’t afraid to show it.
— Daxia Godoy, @theglossarray
@theglossaray  who uses Nécessaire’s The Body Wash in all fragrances and The Body Lotion says, “I like to switch them up sometimes and my boyfriend also uses them.”

@theglossaray who uses Nécessaire’s The Body Wash in all fragrances and The Body Lotion says, “I like to switch them up sometimes and my boyfriend also uses them.”


What brands were mentioned?


Hers: a recent and revolutionary way for women to purchase healthcare products, making ought talked about issues— like hair loss— relevant and important to conversation.

Nécessaire: a chic, unisex body wash and lotion company that brings sex into the same playing field as self-care. They make a water based lubricant called The Sex Gel. Nécessaire curates such specifically designed products that rids the stigma surrounding pleasure.

“They’re made for you,”  @jasminenblack  on Nécessaire, and Dedcool products.

“They’re made for you,” @jasminenblack on Nécessaire, and Dedcool products.

Society also scares us into thinking that if you talk about sex, then that makes you a slut or a creep. But we’re not! We just like sex. Sex is natural and so should be the products used while having sex. It makes us uncomfortable because we don’t want to be judged. We’d rather walk through life unnoticed in the background and be blatantly boring. But I’d rather be called a slut, out there, manly, thick, or just overall different than be called ignorant.
— Jasmine Black, @jasminenblack

Glossier: Much lauded for their skincare and makeup, Glossier embraces so-called imperfections and runs with it. There’s been a stark rise in media representation in terms of diversity, Glossier’s Body Hero campaign, launched in 2017 seemed to reverberate around the globe with ads featured every variation of the human body, and oh, was it glorious.  


Anese: Founded in 2016, this company is focused on redefining our relationship to cellulite and previously perceived imperfections. They sell a booty scrub, and a variety of other perky body-related items, like a caffeinated booty oil.

Billie was the first razor company to feature body hair in their ads, Billie is the millennial answer to the previously sky-high prices for a women's razor.


Megababe set out to counteract the ludicrous idea that bodies, thighs—everywhere really  doesn’t ever chafe, that we’re always smooth perfection and summer sweat doesn’t make things ten times worse. That’s where products like Thigh Rescue and  Bust Dust come into play.

Dedcool: Unisex, non-toxic fragrances by by Carina Chaz, founded on the motto, “Clean beauty can be cool beauty.”


“Dedcool by Miss Chaz represents gender inclusivity. Everything is unisex. I think people have been stuck on the idea that certain products are for women or men only. Like if a man were to ever use a woman’s body lotion, he’d be considered “feminine” and vice versa.” — Jasmine Black


Kali: makes period care, customized boxes curated for you, filled with items like organic tampons. Answering a short quiz creates the perfect box for you.

Not only are these brands a better representation of what millennials expect from their products, but they’re often created and owned by millennials. The conversations need to be had in the open because we are not our parents’ generation. But the brands engaging that audience means there’s money behind the message, and that’s when everyone starts paying attention.
— Kackie Carmody, @heykackie
@heykackie  loves Nécessaire products and Billie razors.

@heykackie loves Nécessaire products and Billie razors.


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