Hollie Hart Has Things To Say and Yes, She Will Inspire You To Get Creative


It’s rare nowadays to scroll through an Instagram account and feel like you know the person behind the lens.

Hart is a photographer from Austin, TX. Instagram: @hollie_dee_hart.


When looking at hart’s account, that’s exactly how you feel. Her work evokes a certain cozy kind of contentment. It brings forth nostalgia and centers creative joy right in the middle of it all. We asked Hart to share, in her own words, what her work means to her and her viewers.


On Her start:

When I made the decision to go to art school and receive a BFA, to be blunt, I had no idea how hard it would be to land a job. Many, many rejections, sleepless nights, “should I sell my soul?” I was a painter before photographer. In school I would dress up my friends how I wanted and then paint from those photos. I enjoyed that part most because I could express myself through them. Posing them, directing them, choosing their outfits. When I moved to Austin, I saw others doing what I loved so much as their career and figured out that I could make it my path as well.



I want to be honest and I want people, women especially, to see beauty or connection or something in my work that makes them feel like they’re not alone. We are all artists and we are all weird and being yourself is the most beautiful and valuable thing in the world.


How her art is starting a conversation:

On the surface, the purpose of what I do is to represent a brand, but my hope is that you’re able to catch something more in my work. I’m interested in sensibility and things that are emotionally charged, even if that means shooting a purse or a moisturizer. Can commercial art ever be “art?”


Her favorite piece:

I’m really loving my work right now for Devgan Scientific Beauty. There’s something about shooting skincare that is so refreshing and intimate. The shots are closer up, authentic, and we’re sending the message of self care, which I like.


Advice to creators:

Lean into the uncertainty of it all. Allow yourself to fail. You know, for all my life I’ve tried to be in such control. What I didn’t realize was that failing is a part of the journey and it took me to the next thing. If you want something so much, feel those moments of doubt and keep going. Don’t ever doubt your resilience.


The best and worst part of sharing work through Instagram:

Instagram is definitely a business tool that has gotten me lots of bookings, however, this new algorithm is really hurting us creatives! I know lots of successful businesses that got really big from Instagram before the change and it’s upsetting to think that new brands just starting out won’t get that same kind of launching pad that made Instagram so popular to begin with.

If you want something so much, feel those moments of doubt and keep going. Don’t ever doubt your resilience.
— Hollie Hart's advice to creators.

What beauty, home or lifestyle product She recommends to friends:

Right now I’m really into hyaluronic acid, Devgan Scientific Beauty Platinum Microdermabrasion, Boy Brow by Glossier, Weleda Skin Food, Olaplex shampoo and conditioner.


On Work coming up in the Spring:

...something fun in NY and the future is bright :) ...



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