#CountrCrush Ashlyn, On Beauty Advice & the Art of Puppy Eyes


Hi, I’m Ashlyn!

I'm originally from southeastern Kentucky, but I'm currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful almost two year old girl, and it's the best job in the world. I'm passionate about motherhood and skincare. You can see all my ramblings about what I put on my face on my Instagram, @skinwithashlyn.


How did you get into blogging?

I've always loved photographing and talking about my beauty products. I used to post about them on my personal Instagram, but I felt like it wasn't really something people cared about. I decided to make a separate account where I could post freely about my products and review them and interact with people who were actually interested in that type of thing. I never imagined that becoming a part of the skincare community on Instagram would be as amazing as it has been. I have learned so much and made so many genuine friends. It has truly been such a blessing!


What is the last item you purchased?

A game-changing product in my beauty arsenal is Herbivore Botanicals Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion. I recommend this to almost everyone because it's great for all skin types. It exfoliates, hydrates, and evens skin tone, so it eliminates the need for multiple serums in your skincare routine. I have noticed such a difference in my skin's smoothness and tone since I started using this!

Herbivore Botanicals
PRISM Exfoliating Glow Potion
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Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 5.40.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 5.25.12 PM.png

What’s next on your shopping list? One item you’re dying to get?

I'm dying to get my hands on the Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Edit - Volume 4. I love that you get finishing powder, highlight, blush, and bronzer all in one palette. Plus, the shades are gorgeous and the packaging is beautiful! I need it.

Hourglass Cosmetics
Ambient Light Edit Vol. 4
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What is one item you always rebuy?

I will ALWAYS rebuy Glossier Boy Brow. It's a game changer for me. My eyebrows are very light brown, but I prefer a bit of a darker look. Boy Brow in brown gives me just enough tint for them to look a little darker, while also looking natural and full. I can't even count how many tubes I've gone though, and I just got another one a few days ago!

Boy Brow
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What’s your shopping superpower?

My shopping superpower is using sweetness and puppy eyes as a form of mind control to get my husband to buy me whatever new skincare product I'm drooling over.


How has your style evolved over the years?

My style has definitely matured over the years. I love being comfortable and I used to think the best way to achieve a cute, comfy look was just to throw on leggings and an oversized t-shirt. And honestly, that's still my go-to some days. But now when I want an easy, comfy outfit, I opt for skinny jeans, a front tucked shirt, and some booties. Still a very casual outfit, but it definitely makes me look a lot more put together.


Your friends come to you for:

My friends come to me for skincare advice...and gossip. I'm always all ears if there is steaming hot tea that needs to be spilled.


Who is your No. 1 blogger you want to see on Countr?

I would love to see Adri (@sortofobsessed on Instagram) share her tips and lists! She was a big inspiration for me starting my own skincare account, and I love hearing her thoughts and opinions on new, and tried and true products!



What are your favorite beauty accounts? Make sure you check out Ashlyn’s product-laden account for some real inspiration! Read more about our other crush worthy bloggers and artists below!

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