Beauty Blunders: Alexandra Machover's Beauty Evolution & Self-Acceptance

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lESSONS on routines & confidence.

Alexandra is a Producer and Social Media Influencer living in NYC. Instagram: @alexandramachover.


How would you describe your personal beauty routine?

My personal beauty routine is consistent and minimal effort. Before bed, I wash my face with Philosophy face wash. I then use a spray toner followed by a night time serum. I use Joanna Vargas Retinol Serum once a week. In the morning, I wash my face again, use my toner, and another serum or face oil (right now I'm switching between Indie Lee's Stem Cell Serum, Philosophy's Renewed Hope In A Jar, and Tata Harper face oil. It's pretty routine, effortless, and easy!


How has Your routine evolved over time?

My beauty routine has evolved over time, simply because I am sent new products almost every week. I used to just put Olay lotion on my face. Now I'm trying a new product almost every night. I've learned what works for my skin through experimentation. and really feel like the beauty routine I have going right now is perfect for my skin. I have even skin tone, minimal breakouts, and the tiny wrinkles forming on my face (yes I see wrinkles on my face) are totally beautiful and natural.

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What products work for you that you were wary about purchasing?

CliniqueFIT Workout Makeup - I NEVER wore foundation (just a little concealer), but this makeup is practically invisible. I wear it every day now
CliniqueFIT Workout Mascara - I can't express enough how much I love this mascara. It stays on all day (no raccoon eyes or flakes), yet it comes off easily with hot water. IT'S LIFE-CHANGING.
Indie Lee Stem Cell Serum - Stem Cells freak me out, but this serum is changing my skin. It's reduced the look of my (sort of emerging) wrinkles and evened out my skin tone significantly. I can't recommend these products enough.

I feel confident when I’m happy. I get happiness through socializing, living a fun life, getting enough sleep, laughing with friends, and pursuing my creative passions. Confidence comes from so much more beyond appearance.
— Alexandra Machover

What is the best lesson you’ve learned about cultivating personal style through trial and error?

For fashion: I've learned to dress for my body-type, no matter how my body evolves. As a woman, I gain weight in weird places, my proportions shift, I generally weigh more than I did in my early 20s. So rather than forcing a look on myself that I would've felt comfortable in 20lbs ago, I embrace where I'm at and dress for the body I have now. I know that sounds super cheesy/typical, but it's really made me feel more confident in what I wear. I've also mastered the art of thrifting. I can go to a giant thrift warehouse and walk away with good pieces. I also credit this to knowing what looks good on my body, and, in turn, knowing what I'll actually wear/get use out of. For beauty: It's taken me years to master my beauty style. But after testing out hundreds of products either at Sephora or through brands sending me things, I officially have a solid makeup routine that I rarely stray from. I don't like to wear a lot of makeup... just enough to accentuate my features.


What was an beauty impulse buy that you ended up loving?

Urban Decay NAKED Heat palette was an impulse buy that I'm so grateful for. I never understood the point of eyeshadow palettes until I started using this. Every time I wear it, someone gives me a compliment on my makeup, which means it was a good purchase, in my book!

Urban Decay



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When do you feel most confident?

I feel confident when I'm happy. I get happiness through socializing, living a fun life, getting enough sleep, laughing with friends, and pursuing my creative passions. Confidence comes from so much more beyond appearance. I've never help confidence solely from the way I look.... it just isn't the way it works for me. I need more out of life than good skin/makeup/hair/clothes/body.


Penny for your thoughts?

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