An Authentic Start


A letter from us

The end of 2018 was an epic time for Countr. We launched our app and a blog and we’re so excited to share with you what’s in ‘store’ for 2019. As we start off the year with a clear vision for what is to come, we continue to go back to our core values of embracing and supporting who you are as an individual and how we can continue to create an authentic space for you and your peers.

We are here because we want you to showcase yourself and connect with our community. This is where your voice matters, and your opinion is heard first and foremost. Here's a bit more about what we believe, and where you come in.

Share what you love

At Countr, we want our community to continue to be a free space, away from all the noise. Post what you genuinely love this year, whether it be the winter coat you’re coveting or the cruelty-free beauty shop you walked past. Even share your favorite restaurant! Whatever sparks your fancy, we want to know!

Celebrate your voice

You got this! Trust your instincts. To be as authentic as possible, you have to tap into what speaks to you. It’s about sharing your newly garnered travel tips with friends or sending over a rec for that beautiful Aritzia cardigan to your sweater-loving friend— Countr lets you take pride in your recommendations because here, your voice holds weight. We want you to share it all!

connect with your tribe

A close-knit community should be your go-to place and we want you to find your tribe within Countr. Invite your friends and connect with other users, making it easy for you to share together. We’ll even be asking for your thoughts with personal interviews on everyday style, cult-classic brands and favorite finds, so share what you love!

We have some exciting articles in the works, featuring innovative brands we love, interviews celebrating everyday creators, and our popular Countr Crush series. So stay tuned for what’s to come.

Let this new year be filled with exhilarating projects, creative challenges and the beauty that comes from reveling in our community! Now we want to ask you: We want to know, what’s one item you’re genuinely loving this January? DM us on Instagram or post your comments here and you might be featured! Join in on the conversation!

The Countr Team

Amanda EdelmanComment