Beauty Blunders, An Interview with Karolina Chorvath


Beauty Mishaps

@karolinakristina is a journalist, blogger, spoonie advocate and Slavic enthusiast. She takes us through her beauty trials, errors and the ultimate learning process of it all.

Photo by: Ally Schmaling


What beauty disasters have you encountered and what have you learned?


OOOO...I've experienced some tough times with my hair from medical treatments. At times, my hair has been so fragile, thin and needed to be short. I learned patience — things don't improve overnight (most of the time). I also spent time finding the right concoction of products (Virtue shampoo and conditioner changed my life) and supplements (@ Biotin) to make my hair longer and healthier than ever.

For the longest time, I was convinced I had dry skin. I over exfoliated and used products that were oil free. At one point, I was drying out my skin so much that my skin was overproducing oils and creating breakouts. And this is super common! I now moisturize my face like a mad woman. And my skin is so much better for it! 


What was an beauty impulse buy that you ended up loving? What about one you ended up hating?

I impulsively bought Marc Jacobs Highliner in "Out Of The Blue," which is this really striking, cobalt blue. It's now my favorite eyeliner and I probably have five different colors. One product that I was disappointed in is the Sunday Riley Autocorrect Eye Cream. The price point is just way too high for a product that's not that special.

Marc Jacobs Beauty
Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner


“The best things happen when you let go of what other people think.”


How did you find your path to your beauty style?

After struggling with chronic illness for quite some time, I've found that beauty can act as body armor. When you're sick, you constantly feel out of control of your own body. Exercising control over your body through makeup and skincare is empowering and creates a positive relationship with an entity that was otherwise an obstacle. So really, my beauty style is "whatever makes me feel good, dammit!"


Are there any trends or new ideas you want to try out?

I've been dying to get my hands on Melanie Simon Serum C! On the way more drastic side, I want to eventually grow out my newly-healthy hair and then chop it off and donate it. I'd wear that bob or pixie cut proudly. I'm in love with Coco Baudelle's haircut.


What products work for you that you initially were wary about purchasing?

Glossier Solution. Any and all oils! Weleda skin food.

Glossier Solution
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What is the best lesson you’ve learned about cultivating personal style through trial and error?

The best things happen when you let go of what other people think.


What beauty guru inspires you and why?

I really adore Katie Janes Hughes and Violette. Both of them really focus on skincare as the perfect foundation and enhance beauty through makeup, instead of covering up. Katie is also a friend and simply the sweetest person. And they both encourage experimentation with color — which I adore!


What beauty mishaps, triumphs, and lessons have you encountered? Would you rock bright blue eyeliner like Chorvath?

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