Countr Crush: Morgan Daniel

Hi, i’m Morgan!

I go to school and live in Savannah, GA but I'm from Atlanta. I study Fashion Marketing and Beauty and Fragrance and i'm a bit of a shopaholic. My instagram is @morganmckensey


What’s your shopping superpower?

Putting together outfits without trying them on.


Your friends come to you for:

Advice (fashion and non-fashion related). Most times my friends come to me for non-fashion related advice because I’m a great listener and I’m super honest with my responses, regardless if that’s what my friend wants to hear. When it comes to advice that’s fashion related, I mostly give store recommendations or help find outfit pieces, because I’m always shopping and looking for items to add to my closet!


What is the last item you purchased?

A highlighter powder from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The highlighter powders from ABH melt into the skin so beautifully, it literally looks like a glow from within. The pearls that are in them too make them super shiny and not ashy or too light on the face. They have so many different shades to compliment every skin tone too. They’re more expensive but the pan sizes are huge so they’ll last a while.


Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 7.01.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 1.51.50 PM.png

What’s next on your shopping list?

Next thing on my list is an embellished heel. Every fashion girl knows about the Manolo Blahniq “Hangisi” shoe, but other brands like Roger Vivier and Amina Muaddi are coming out with versions of their own. They are expensive, but they’re so pretty! These are a shoe that you could definitely dress up and also dress down with some jeans, but my favorite part is the pyramid heel, which is super unique and makes the shoes 10x easier to walk in. Unless I hit the lottery, I probably won’t be getting them anytime soon but a girl can dream.

Amina Muaddi*
Begum 95 Velvet Crystal Embellished Pumps

*Buy them on the Countr app


Who is the N.1 influencer you’d like to see on Countr sharing tips & lists?

Kelsey Simone @k.els.e.y. I want Kelsey on Countr, because she is in the same age-range to a lot of the Countr users and her style is really monochromatic, timeless, but very stylish. Her style is opposite of what I would wear, but I take inspiration from her when I want to dress more classic or romantic. If there are people on Countr that are struggling with their personal style, she would be the one to inspire that person since she only consistently wears 3 colors with a print here and there.

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