Countr Crush: Alisha Revel

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Hi, I’m Alisha!

I live in Austin, TX, and I am first an foremost an actress. I started a YouTube channel to flex my creative side, and then a blog as a hobby, really. Over the summer, my Instagram account has really blown up, and I realized that instead of a hobby, being an influencer could really become a full-time job. So, I accepted the challenge, and have started collaborating with brands, posting everyday, and creating more and more content. I love it, and find it very rewarding! (@chocolateismyvice)


Your friends come to you for:

Makeup, skincare, and fashion advice.


What’s your shopping superpower?

My mom was a coupon queen. I carry on her legacy by being a promo code queen. I rarely check out unless the items in my cart have been discounted.

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What is the last item you purchased?

Steve Madden Humble boots (seen here).



What’s next on your shopping list?

I LOVE Rebecca Minkoff, but she's not cheap. I added this to my Christmas List:

Micro Regan Leather Satchel
sold out

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Who is your N.1 influencer you’d like to see on Countr sharing tips & lists?

Hard question to answer! But, I've got to support my Austin Queens by saying Dani Austin (@daniaustin), and Jessi Afshin (@jessi_afshin).

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