Welcome to a new way to shop


Hi! I’m Manon

I’m founder & CEO of Countr. I never pass up an opportunity to travel the world, eat delicious food, and give into my addiction for home decor.


I’m excited to introduce our brand new blog. If you don’t know Countr yet, our mission is simple: providing an easy, fun, and real shopping platform that is powered by the people, for the people.

The idea for Countr came after one too many frustrating shopping experiences. I used to spend hours online browsing through hundreds of pages of random products I didn’t like, or searching for deals that would only materialize—as if by magic—after I’d already made a purchase. Stores were getting my money and all my information, only to spam me endlessly afterward.

It all seemed impersonal, kind of unfair and, more importantly, it didn’t work for me, the shopper. Convinced that there had to be a better way to shop, I started chatting with my friends, and then with their friends, and then with anyone who had an opinion about shopping. What came out was this: we, the shoppers, want more power.


We want to easily find great products and the deals that go with them, so we can cut down on the browsing and spend more time enjoying the things we get.

We want to see products that match our taste (rather than what retailers want us to buy, or what influencers are paid to promote) and love to get inspired by people with similar style.

We want a platform to showcase our looks, beauty routine, or home interior—and get credit for it. Because great style is valuable, and the reward should go to us, the shoppers.

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Countr is designed to give you all of that and more—we’ve even introduced a special tipping system so you can support the community and get paid to share your taste. Our blog is just one more way to show it to you.

We’re going to be featuring some of our favorite shoppers, people whose style is worth watching and who have lots of great shopping tips and tricks to share. We’ll talk to them about their shopping philosophy, their best advice, favorite brands, and the latest buy they’re obsessed with. You’ll probably want to add them to your Style Tribe to keep checking out their awesome taste on the platform. And it’s completely authentic, obviously. No ads, no funny links, only the real deal, shopper to shopper. This is how we’re making shopping for the people, by the people.

We’re interested in what you have to say about shopping and would love to feature you, too! If you’d like to be in an upcoming newsletter, please drop us a line at sup@countr.com and we’ll be in touch.

Check back in soon for our first feature, and get ready to shop better.

Founder of Countr