The Countr blog explores some of our favorite shoppers, people whose style are worth watching and who have lots of great shopping tips and tricks to share. Founded by Manon Roux, creator of the Shop Countr App, the blog taps into Countr’s community members shopping philosophy, their best advice, favorite brands, and the latest buys they’re obsessed with.

In 2018, the Countr app was launched, a people-powered shopping app where you can shop with your friends (aka your style tribe) and get rewarded by the community for sharing your style.

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Our Philosophy

At Countr, we think shopping should be real, personal, and fun. We believe the best recommendations come from your friends (aka your style tribe) and that you deserve a platform to show off your great taste (and get all the credit for it).

That’s where the Countr culture comes in. It’s about empowering people, not brands. We’re setting the scene for real picks by shoppers like you, and inspiration you can actually use to refine your style. Let’s change shopping together.

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